Reviews for QUESTIONS


“Superbly crafted tunes”

Guitar World

“Immediately memorable.”

Entertainment Weekly

“Rooted in the works of gently folky singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens and James Taylor.”

Rock NYC

“The best album of 2015.”

Carlos Alomar (David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Alicia Keys)

“I think that David Bronson voices the inner yearnings of the heart, and I think that’s the most powerful thing an artist can do.”


“A very distinctive sound. And he seems to write great songs.”


“Tons of emotion and fantastic vocal work.”

No Depression

“I could never have imagined that he could produce an album of the magnitude of Questions three short years later… has had my head spinning.”


“It is big and it is grown up… Bronson has crafted a record that is difficult to ignore.”


“Fans of Neil Young, George Harrison, and the like… Give a listen to David Bronson.”


“A Wellspring of soulful authenticity.”


“David has done the impossible. He has changed his sound and jumped up to a bigger and more polished sound…and it all works perfectly. Mr. Bronson seems perfectly poised to see his fan base jump exponentially.”

The New Current

“Few artists can produce work that… lays one’s soul open as much as Bronson.”

The Rock Club UK

“A man rapidly mastering and maturing his varied songwriting craft and that of musical storyteller.”

Headphone Nation

“The songwriting is more confident and full of even stronger lyrical depth.”

Dancing About Architecture

“A sort of eloquent street philosophy, the thoughts and questions of everyday life made into poetic expressions.”

Sonic Breakfast

“Will I still be listening to ‘Questions’ in five years time? I think I know the answer to this. And I won’t be alone.”

This is Book’s Music

“Passionate songs that sound like something you want to remember and even turn into personal scriptures… Allow it to be one of your personal favorites of 2015, as it is mine.”


Fan Testimonials

“OK. I cried…a lot. Thank you for this.” – YouTube Fan

“I’m so glad you introduced me to his music. ☺” – Live Show Fan via Facebook

“Such an authentic sound, songwriters aren’t made like this anymore” – Soundcloud Fan

Beautiful start to a new year! @bronsondavid Questions! #talentedgenius – Fan Tweet

“Very rich, melodic and easy to listen to. I’m going to put it on our jukebox at work!” – Facebook Fan

“The music took us on some serious journeys. Reminded me of Lennon’s last album: Double Fantasy texturally and some of the arrangements were surprising with the twists and turns!” – Live Show Fan via Facebook

“These lyrics are simply incredible” – Soundcloud Fan

loving this amazing new music by @bronsondavid – Fan Tweet

“You’ve made my day better” – Soundcloud Fan

“Performance at Joe’s Pub was WoW!! Hope you guys make it to Philly soon! Xo” – Live Show Fan via Facebook

“yasssssssssss” – YouTube Fan

“inspiring” – YouTube Fan

“Yeah, you’re describing my soul. I could cry” – Soundcloud Fan

.@bronsondavid makes some of the most creative music videos I’ve seen. – Fan Tweet

“What a voice! So unique!” – Soundcloud Fan

@bronsondavid 23 secs in, my kid says, “dad, that sounds cool!” – and I would agree… Cheers! – Fan Tweet

“What you created here is a masterpiece, one that is worthy of recognition. Nice job dude. keep doing what your doing.” – Soundcloud Fan

“Modern day cat stevens!” – Live Show Fan (Email List Comment)

“You guys can SING” – Live Show Fan (Email List Comment)

“I don’t know a person who shouldn’t hear this message” – Soundcloud Fan

Big thanks to @bronsondavid 4 the lovely gift of his music…I will definitely share the luv!!??? – Fan Tweet

“I’m so glad I checked you out David!” – Live Show Fan (Email List Comment)


Other Selected Press

Music & Riots – “Heavily emotional”

Digital Spy – “Can’t stop replaying this”

South China Morning Post (Album of the Week) – “Subtle hints of Ryan Adams and Grant-Lee Phillips.. Requires your full attention to grasp its soul and beauty”

Classic Rock (Track of the Week) – “An absolute epic of a tune”

Digital Journal – “Unique and almost undefinable sound”

Red Guitar Music – “Feels and sounds like a bunch of friends getting together to make a record”

Ringmaster Review – “Emotionally intimate and exploratory” – “A man whose sound is reminiscent of artists like Cat Stevens and James Taylor but that feels absolutely unique and refreshing”

Pittsburgh In Tune – “Stellar new album”

The Norman Transcript – “Big and ambitious as New York City where he resides”

Rock NYC – “He takes to the audience like he takes to people in the real world, he makes you at ease, ready to be part of his family and then he levels you with the intensity of his playing”

Mentioned Reviews – “Full of intricate moments and intonations… it will calm you down as much as it pulls you in”

Music News UK – “More than a dash of John Lennon”

Live and Die in Music – “Bronson makes no attempt to avoid the heavy things”

Headphone Nation – “The songwriting is more confident and full of even stronger lyrical depth”

Get Ready to Rock – “Perfect for those who enjoy the laid back West Coast sounds of artists like Jackson Browne and the 70′s solo music of George Harrison”

NE:MM – “Splashes of Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, The Beatles, The Beach Boys.. but ultimately Bronson has pulled together a range of influences and fashioned them into his own unique sound”

Rock NYC – “Like the perfectly formed patterns in nature placed there by the hand of god, or the hand of natural selection, it needs nothing else”